Members of the campus community dedicated to supporting accessibility are happy to work with you to review your online content for accessibility compliance.

Department websites

Department websites are supported by the Web Services group. They provide accessibility resources and support.

AsULearn courses

AsULearn courses are supported by the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE). They provide course design and accessibility review support.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Universal Design for Learning is supported by AppSTAR, Appalachian's faculty based initiative aimed at educating faculty members about learning differences and implementing teaching strategies that enhace all students' learning by incorporating UDL Principles. Learn more and contact us to schedule a consultation.

Content development

Accessibility is best planned and implemented during content development - for example, during course (re)design or website construction.

Contact us today to schedule an accessibility review of your online content or to set up a consultation to help with any type of content development.