Raising awareness and meeting demand for increased digital accessibility at App State

Appalachian Today recently published an article detailing the work happening across the Appalachian State campus  to support and promote accessibility knowledge, resources and adoption across campus.

It includes 5 accessiblity best practices when creating content:

  1. Ensure video and audio content have text-based alternatives for those with sensory impairments so all users can access the information. This includes captioning videos or providing audio transcripts.
  2. Make hyperlinks concise, descriptive and meaningful out of context for ease of use and navigation.
  3. Apply paragraph styles or heading tags in documents. Structure is critical for adaptive technology users who rely on properly formatted headings to navigate documents and webpages.
  4. Provide alternate text to describe images that convey meaning in websites, documents and presentations so people using screen readers can understand the information contained in the image.
  5. Utilize the most readable fonts and a strong color contrast between background and foreground so users can access the content in bright sunlight or high-contrast mode.
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Published: Feb 22, 2021 2:10pm