Assistive Technology

Office of Disability Resources

The Office of Disability Resources provides assistive technology on a case by case basis when determined reasonable as an accommodation. Such technologies often include:

  • Digital voice recorders
  • Livescribe smartpens
  • Low vision calculators
  • Hand-held CCTVs
  • Hand-held magnifiers

Belk Library and Information Commons

Belk Library and Information Commons provides assistive technology for use within the library as well as for check out. The Assistive Technology Room is located on the first floor of the library, and the website contains details regarding software and equipment that is available. The library also provides technology that can be borrowed. For details on available items, contact the library's Technology Checkout Desk.

Dell workstations

Universally designed stations include: height adjustable table, Dell computer, 24 inch Dell widescreen monitor, large letter keyboard, track ball mouse, and Canon CansoSCan LiDE 25 scanner with built in OCR. Software includes Jaws, Magnifier and Natural Reader. Workstations are marked on the map below.

Mac workstations

Mac workstations are equipped with built in accessibility features including: screen magnification, dictation, Voice Over and uses a simplified user interface. View a current list of lab locations.

Closed circuit televisions

Closed circuit televisions (CCTV) include a video camera and attached monitor. Material can be placed under the video camera and the image is magnified to the desired zoom level and displayed on the monitor. Color, contrast and highlight features are available across different CCTVs. Use the map below to find CCTVs on campus.

Assistive technology map

Use the assistive technology map to locate accessible workstations and CCTVs on campus.