Create Accessible Documents

Improve accessibility for specific document/content types. Be sure to also review the core concepts for creating accessible content.

How to create accessible...

Check a PDF for accessibility

Appalachian State Faculty/Staff can download Adobe Creative Cloud and install Adobe Acrobat. Once Acrobat is installed, open the PDF: 

  • Can one word of text be highlighted/selected? 
  • Can the text be read aloud and does it make sense? 
    • To check for read aloud: View menu, select and activate Read Out Loud, then select Read this page only and listen to your document.
  • If answers are “yes”, your document meets minimum requirements for accessibility.
  • If answers are "no", then your document doesn't meet minimum requirements and you need to convert or remediate content. See PDF Conversion or use SensusAccess.

PDF conversion (if needed)

Additional PDF Resources

Accessible document conversion

SensusAccess is a self-service document conversion tool available to all App State students, staff, and faculty. SensusAccess converts text and image-based files into more accessible formats. It can also be used to transform text and image-based files into different outputs including audio, Braille, or e-text formats.